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This is based in the Behavior Research and Therapy Clinic (BRTC) developed by Marsha Linehan at the University of Washington. The clinic is the site of the early and continuing research on DBT, and this blog provides information about DBT and its research support.

Website of Behavioral Tech, an excellent organization for training and implementation of DBT and other evidence-based treatments. Helpful products for learning DBT online, etc.

Website of the Treatment Implementation Collaborative, LLC, an excellent DBT organization for training, consultation, and implementation.

Treatment and Research Advancements (TARA) is an advocacy organization supporting the treatment and recovery of individuals with borderline personality disorder and their families. The website provides a compendium of information about borderline personality disorder research, treatments, and innovations. Upcoming conferences, lectures, and trainings are announced.

DBT Self Help is a website about DBT, written mostly by those who have been through the treatment. It is not mainly written by professionals. It is loaded with practical tools, including teachings and applications of DBT’s skills. The site offers practical suggestions and resources for those in need.

The Cognitive Behavioral Consultants constitutes a clinical group practice in White Plains, New York, and in New York City where adults, families, and teenagers can receive treatment that includes DBT and CBT. In addition, the CBC offers workshops and training in DBT and other behavioral treatment approaches.

Website for Cutchins Care, a subsidiary of Cutchins Programs for Children and Families, in Northampton, MA. With Cutchins Care, the agency promotes collaborative work, including training, among experts in the various treatment approaches used by Cutchins. Cutchins Care is the host for my trainings in the Northampton area.

The Linehan Institute, devoted to the mission of getting evidence-based treatments to those who need them, offers an excellent website where you can learn about DBT, the latest research findings, certification of DBT therapists, mindfulness retreats for those practicing DBT, and where you can watch a fine video in which Marsha Linehan describes DBT and how it helps people change their lives.

Website for the Linehan Board of Certification, with all information necessary about getting certified as a DBT therapist.

Website for the training institute of the Bridge of Central Massachusetts, an excellent umbrella agency consisting of multiple treatment programs for central Massachusetts. The training institute offers training programs, including those in DBT.

McLean Hospital’s Borderline Personality Disorder Training Institute offers training courses for clinicians focusing on DBT, alongside courses that focus on other models for the treatment of individuals with borderline personality disorder.

The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill is our nation’s largest and most powerful advocacy organization for individuals with mental illness and their families. The website provides information about mental health conditions, including borderline personality disorder, and provides updates about advocacy projects, changes in the law related to mental illness, research findings, and upcoming conferences and meetings. NAMI publishes “fact sheets:” including one for DBT.

Website for the National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder (NEA-BPD), an advocacy organization for borderline personality disorder. An enormous resource with information about BPD, including very helpful videos of conferences about BPD.

The website for the National Institute of Mental Health provides a broad range of information, including research findings and ongoing studies, about the treatment of mental illnesses, including borderline personality disorder.

The Portland DBT Institute, in Portland, Oregon, is associated with a DBT clinic. It offers a range of quality DBT and DBT-related trainings.

Website for the Evidence-Based Practice Institute developed by Kelly Koerner, a growing organization based in an online learning community for evidence-based practices including DBT.


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