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Introduction to DBT

For those who are not familiar with DBT, this can serve as a very brief (4 minutes) introduction.

DBT Principles and Skills to Cope with the Dead Ends of Life

In this brief video, I introduce the concept that we could all use the principles and skills of DBT to do things in life that are very difficult, such as getting out of emotional hell and/or accomplishing a cherished dream. Look for more of this in the future, in the written blog and occasional videos.

Breathing In, Breathing Out Song

Please enjoy this refreshing mindfulness song I learned at a Thich Nhat Hanh retreat.


Alex Miller “…this book is a tour the force.”

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Martin Bohus ”… distills the essentials of two decades of practical wisdom in DBT.”

Kelly Koerner ”… deepen your own empathy, creativity, and wisdom in therapy’s most complex moments.”

Perry Hoffman ” … become a virtual member of Swenson’s DBT consultation team.”

DBT Principles in Action by Charles R. Swenson (book cover)